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This involves offering back the key points which you have heard your mentee say. This skill has several purposes:

  • to let your mentee know that you have been really listening
  • to clarify any points that you are not really clear about
  • to allow your mentee a chance to correct anything you may have misunderstood
  • to give your mentee an opportunity to really hear what they have said. Sometimes they may be surprised and may process this or take the opportunity to question and challenge themselves at this point. 


Some useful ways of paraphrasing include: 

What I heard you say was.........

Am I right in thinking that there are three things that you are working on which were........?

I’m not quite clear about who the stakeholders are. You mentioned X, Y and Z. Could you clarify what their roles would be?

You’ve told me that there have been some difficulties in introducing the new guidelines. I understand that these have been as follows...