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Sector news, 5 - 9 March 2012

Ken Livingstone pledges return of EMA for London students The Guardian, 5 March 2012

Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate for London mayor, has said he will reinstate the education maintenance allowance in the city if he is elected in May. He said the “London EMA” would be up to £30 a week to encourage teenagers to stay on at school or college. They would receive it if their household income is below £31,000 a year. The payment would be funded mainly by redirecting existing funds in colleges and universities in the capital. Mayor Boris Johnson’s election campaign spokesman said it was an “un-costed, un-funded promise”. The AoC said London had seen the steepest decline in the enrolment of 16-18 year olds of any region.

Student entrepreneurs frustrated by lack of funding The Guardian, 3 March 2012

This article focuses on the help available for Stanford University students wanting to start their own business, and compares it with the lack of help available for students keen to create internet businesses in the UK. It also looks at how some universities are trying to offer direct help, in an economy where more students are looking to become entrepreneurs.

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