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Sector News, 10 - 14 March 2008

Parents stop children choosing vocational route - Education Guardian, 11 March

“A new study shows that job-specific training has a global image problem – even in Germany”.

A half page article looking at the poor reputation of vocational training/education.

Pushing the envelope - Education Guardian, 11 March

John Denham is calling for towns and cities to bid for university campuses or higher education centres as part of its desire to improve access to HE places.

In safe hands - Education Guardian, 11 March

Consideration of the inadequacy of qualifications for nursery staff.  Critical comment that NVQs are not of an acceptable standard. 

Examiner doubts the value of SATs - Times Higher Education, 13 March

Not about SATs in schools but about the possible adoption of US-style scholastic aptitude tests to be used to select university applicants.  Dr. Stringer (research officer at the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) states that such a move would be a “burdensome and expensive disappointment”.  Argument against adoption of SATs follows.

Under the same headline is a short report on the Government’s  new 14-19 diploma.

Where is the rescue mission? - TES, 14 March, FE Focus

“Funding quango is silent over 25,000 trainees left in limbo after collapse of Carter and Carter”.

Carter and Carter was a major private sector training provider with 25,000 trainees on its books.  The company shares were suspended from trading in October and the company went into administration.  Concern is expressed over the lack of a rescue package for the trainees and the constant Government insistence on using private companies often in competition with the public sector.

Masterclasses in industry - TES, 14 March 2008, FE Focus

Short article on updating vocational lecturers' levels of knowledge in hi-tech industries.