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Sector News, 11 March 2008

Special item - Education Guardian supplement concerning the merger of the Quality Improvement Agency and the Centre for Excellence in Leadership.

One step further.  Education Guardian 11 March 2008 - Supplement 

Major supplement discussing the various facets of the merger of the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) and the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL). 

Page 1, Progress report and A fresh approach (Peter Kingston)

“As the learning and skills sector prepare for a new dawn, Peter Kingston examines what the government has done to raise standards in colleges and training organisations.”

Both articles give brief history of the development of ‘quality’ within FE starting with “Success for All” (DfES; 2002) through to the inception of QIA in 2004 and beyond.  Discusses some of the thinking behind quality development.

Page 2, Agency aims to bring out strength within (Joe Clancy)

“What is quality improvement and who needs it?  Is it just for the weakest colleges and companies or is its reach much broader."

Page 2, What happened next (Joe Clancy)

Story of the failing college, an independent training company and a beacon-status college.

Page 3, Evolution, not revolution (Tony Tysome)

Argument put forward by QIA chief executive explaining why QIA and CEL will merge.

Page 3, View from the chair (Tony Tyson)

“Being demand led is about having such good quality that a learner returns to work and gives you a glowing report.” (Dame Ruth Silver, Principal of Lewisham College)

Puts forward opinion that the FE sector will benefit from having a much greater say in its development.

Page 4, One step further, Excellence Gateway (Ruth Sparks)

Full page article on the creation of the QIA online service “Excellence Gateway”.

Link to gateway:-

Page 5, National improvement strategy/ Peer review (Harriet Swain)

Discussion on improvements in college success rates, the need for reflection by QIA and CEL (Centre for Excellence) in order to take stock and perhaps revise improvement strategy.

Three further articles in favour of sharing good practice through peer review.

Page 6, What can we expect when two become one? (Kate Anderson)

Question and answer page concerning merger of CEL and QIA, responses given by Kate Anderson, group director for improvement and strategy at the QIA.

Page 7, It's about hitting high standards all around (Simon Midgley)

Argument concerning self regulation for colleges.