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Sector News, 17 - 21 March 2008

Academe is key to competitive economy – THE, 20 March

“White paper charges universities with an even bigger role in sparking innovation for the good of the wider economy”.  Paper argues for: innovation vouchers for industry to work with universities; doubling of knowledge transfer partnerships; growing investment in UK science; knowledge exchange to be broadened in to arts, humanities and service sector; studies to reduce complexity of intellectual property transactions and how universities should manage IP for their own benefit; FE sector capacity to built by FE Specialisation and Innovation Fund; creation of one National Skills Assembly in every major sector of the community; development of University Enterprise Networks; promotion of science, technology and maths at school college and university level; a bringing together of universities, business and venture capitalists; establishment of National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship.

Full white paper available on :

Government gives adult skills training and GCSE teaching a £60m boost – THE, 20 March

The Government has committed an extra £60 million to adult skills training in its 2008 budget. 


Are we bothered? Yes, we are – but our lecturers must be, too – THE, 20 March

Students view of effects of poor teaching and support from university lecturers.  Critical statements include lecturers reading power point presentations, lack of feedback and an inability to remember students names.


We are sentient beings, not skills machines – TES, 21 March

Opinion on comments page. Critical comment on the drive for skills teaching in FE to the apparent exclusion of education which gives students: an understanding of the world around them; a view about politics; a view about the nature of society; an ability to express themselves through art; an ability to question authority; an ability to live life to the full and not simply be raw material for employers.


Adults must not lose out again - TES, 21 March

Alan Tuckett (Director of NIACE) expresses concerns that the announcement of a new body to replace the Learning and Skills Council (new agency to be called Skills Funding Agency) will further erode provision for adults.


Diploma confusion – TES, 21 March

“Nearly 75 per cent of secondary schools and 88 per cent of colleges will offer the new work related diploma courses from next year". But doubt is being expressed over the validity of the figures.