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The state of the nation: exploring society today

4 x 4 hour sessions

Explore a number of topical issues and examine their origins and the impact they have upon our lives and the lives of others.

Course themes which will set the general parameters for the core areas; power, identity, inequality, knowledge and understanding, globalisation and technology.

The course also provides the opportunity for you to share your knowledge, understanding and experiences of the issues we will be exploring.


8 June 2019

Day and time Four consecutive Saturdays, 10am - 2pm


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WCE0.9A, Westwood Campus

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Entry requirements None
Length 4 weeks (16 hours)
Accreditation None
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Areas of study

What is going on in the world today and how do we make sense of it all?

  • Power and politics
  • Working and playing
  • Houses and homes
  • Order and disorder


Kirsty Allenby