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An introduction to mental health awareness

4 x 4 hour sessions

This course will explore what ‘mental health’ is. We will look at what are anxiety and depression and help people to recognise simple things in themselves and others which will help to promote and sustain good mental health.

There will be advice as what to do if you are worried about someone’s mental health and some tips about looking after ourselves, whilst looking after others.


13 July 2019

Day and time Four consecutive Saturdays 10am-2.30pm


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WCE0.9A, Westwood Campus

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Entry requirements None
Length Four weeks (16 hours)
Accreditation None
Contact Please use our contact form to send us an enquiry

Areas of study

  • An introduction to mental health - what is it?
  • Anxiety and depression - what are normal amounts?
  • Helping others with their mental health.
  • Helping ourselves whilst helping others.


Jackie Williams

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