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2+2 degrees

BA(Hons) Social Studies
BA(Hons) Health and Social Policy

student using a tabletThe 2+2 degree takes four years to complete. The first two years are at one of our partner colleges, enabling you to gain confidence in coping with academic study, presentation skills and study skills in a local environment. You will then study years three and four at the University of Warwick.

In September 1991 the first cohort of 2+2 students began their studies at a local partner college, then after two years completed their degree at Warwick. Over 2,000 local people have studied on this programme, many without any qualifications, and have gone on to further study or careers in areas such as social work, teaching, local government, the community and voluntary sectors and research.

Meet our 2+2 students and discover more about the course in this video...

This video was filmed in April 2017.

Course details


Applications for 2018 entry are now open and should be submitted by 19 August 2018.

Day and time Dependent on college attended and modules taken at the University, please contact the relevant college for teaching days and times in years one and two.
Fee See Student fees and funding for more information. View potential additional fees. Levels of funding and payment plans will differ depending on what pathway you choose to study course (for example 2+2 or part time)

Two years at college and two years at the University of Warwick

Colleges currently offering this course:

Entry requirements

Flexible entry requirements, formal qualifications are not required, just evidence of work and life experience and motivation to study. Applicants are interviewed by the course selector. Applications from access students will be welcomed.

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Length Four years full-time study (two years at a partner FE college and two years at the University). Students are registered as University of Warwick students for all four years of the course.
Further information

Students enrol on the BA (Hons) Social Studies for two years, and then have the opportunity to transfer to BA (Hons) Health and Social Policy, a more specialised degree, at the beginning of year three.


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How is the degree structured?

The BA (Hons) Social Studies degree is a multi-disciplinary degree which invites students to specialise in one academic subject. You can choose to specialise in the following subjects and take a number of modules in the Centre for Lifelong Learning to complete the degree:

Health and Social Policy*
Business Studies
Lifelong Learning

The degree is divided two stages - Level 4 and Honours Level. Level 4 consists of 120 credits and is studied over the first two years; Honours Level (years three and four) consists of 240 credits and is studied over the final two years of the degree.

In the first two years you will study modules in sociology, politics, research, and health and social policy. These modules will introduce you to key theorists and concepts in these connected subject areas that seek to understand and explain our experiences, values and change in society. These modules are studied at an appropriate pace through consideration of a wide range of issues that affect our everyday lives including poverty, inequality, health, power, and global and domestic politics to name just a few.

At Warwick in years three and four you will have the opportunity to explore some of these issues in further depth and to also choose from a wide range of modules in subjects as varied as counselling, social work, mindfulness, business studies, coaching, gender studies, race, and lifelong learning.

There are two core (compulsory) modules at Honours Level:

Year three - Research Methods in the Social Sciences. This module is worth 30 credits and develops detailed understanding of the nature and principles of methods that are applied to research projects.

Year four - Dissertation (normally in Lifelong Learning or Sociology). Here you will directly apply understanding gained in Research Methods to an in-depth research project designed by you and supervised by a member of teaching staff. This module is worth 30 credits.

*Pre-requisite work must be completed successfully at the college before you can specialise in any one of these subjects at the University.

The BA (Hons) Health and Social Policy degree is a specialised variant of the Social Studies programme that focuses on a range of modules offered by the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Departments of Sociology and Politics and International Studies.

There is one core (compulsory) research skills modules in Year 3 of the Health and Social Policy degree which contribute towards your 240 credits at Honours Level:

One of the following must be selected:
• Research Methods in the Social Sciences (30 credits);
• Or Designing and Conducting Social Research (15 credits, taken in Term 1); with Modern Social Theory (15 credits, taken in Term 2)

Students must also pick optional modules at Honours Level totalling 90 credits from a set list. Students on this degree do not undertake a dissertation in Year 4.

This is a more prescribed degree route than the Social Studies degree. If you require greater flexibility but wish to study similar options you should consider BA (Hons) Social Studies with Health and Social Policy major.

*The modules mentioned above may be subject to change. Please read our terms and conditions for more detailed information.

The BA (Hons) Social Studies degree is designed to give a broad understanding of some of the academic subjects which are normally grouped together under the general term of social studies or social sciences. These subjects include: sociology, health and social policy, business studies, lifelong learning, race, power and ethnicity, gender studies and politics.

When starting a social studies degree, you might be uncertain which area to specialise in. However you will not need to make this decision immediately. As this is a flexible degree, you spend the first two years on the social studies pathway and then make a decision about which subjects you would like to pursue at the end of year two. You will also have the opportunity to transfer to the BA (Hons) Health and Social Policy degree at this point.

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Student Experience


"I stumbled across the 2+2 degree at Warwick, plucked up the courage to go to an open day and received lots of encouragement from the CLL team. A lot of hard work and support later, I've achieved a first class honours degree and have been accepted onto a Masters course. I've gone from thinking I'd never make it to university to being a perpetual student."