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Student Profiles: Undergraduate degrees

2+2 degree pathway, student vlog

Sue is settling in to her third year on the 2+2 degree. Having completed two years at a local college, this is her first year at Warwick. She offers advice on managing the transition to University, how to balance studying with other commitments, and how to make salted caramel brownies:

In her second vlog, BA (Hons) Social Studies 2+2 degree student, Sue Adcock, has just started the third year of her degree. Having completed two years at college, this is her first year at the University of Warwick and she explains what the transition is like, where to study on campus and how to balance studying with other commitments:

In her first vlog, Sue discusses the first two years of the degree at college and her hopes and expectations for the next two years at University:

2+2 degree pathway


Rachel Thompson

Current student,
BA (Hons) Social Studies, Year 4
"I enrolled on the 2+2 Social Studies degree after many years of wondering whether I could achieve a degree and with thoughts about whether I could afford to do it. I have always worked since leaving school in an administration capacity, but started to find it very boring and not challenging enough - I really did not want the rest of my career to be in administration. I needed a new challenge. I started the degree having been married for less than two years and having a six month old daughter. I had decided that I wanted to achieve the best I could not only for myself but for my family and to be able to give my daughter the best start I could in life. It is definitely a challenge and something not to be taken lightly. However, it has been the best decision I have made and making sure that I am organised helps me to balance home life with my studies. It has given me more confidence in my own abilities and also shown me that you do not have to accept everything you are told and that you can question assumptions. As for funding, it is available to help you achieve your goals.CLL and the college have been very supportive; there are sessions available in IT and study skills - including critical thinking to support you in your studies. These have been crucial in helping me to learn how to write essays and how to revise for exams. Being part of the University of Warwick is a privilege and getting involved in university life from year one and being on campus has helped me to settle in and find my way around."

echo zhou

Echo Zhou

Part-time BA (Hons) Degree in Social Studies

Part-time degree

"I started a part time BA degree in Social Studies at CLL when I turned 30 because I decided that it was time to make some changes. My daughter was then 5 years old and I was working in a full time clerical role where career progression seemed out of reach. Six years on, I am about to graduate with a first class honours degree and recently secured a professional job that I really enjoy. Looking back over the past six years, the hardest thing was to juggle between studying, working and child-rearing; self-determination, time management and support from my employer and family have been paramount to my achievement today. All the modules I chose to study were enjoyable and fulfilling at both a personal and academic level.The opportunity offered to part time students to choose modules outside of Sociology has been absolutely fantastic: I studied two modules from the Law School and two modules from the Business School; all these modules have contributed to my professional development and career progression. I am most impressed by the fact that many modules are taught by world-leading academics in the field and yet they are still so approachable, encouraging and supportive, and that made me feel really special!"

2+2 degree pathway


Zoey Rhodes

Current student,
BA (Hons) Social Studies
"It has always been my ambition to go to university, but I never had the confidence in my ability to achieve it. I found myself avoiding opportunities to get to university, instead of taking A Levels; I chose to study a Medical Secretarial Diploma. Then after years of having a family, losing myself in motherhood and feeling completely dissatisfied and unfulfilled working in administration, I decided to give myself a chance and applied for the 2+2 Social Studies degree at Warwick.When I started the course I suffered the bereavement of my father, which was devastating. However, I was given the time that I needed to grieve, but more importantly, I was encouraged to keep going. Since starting the course I have learned that getting a degree is not just about the certificate, it is also, for me more importantly, about gaining knowledge. This knowledge has boosted my confidence and even helped me become a better mother, because now I have the ability to question and critique arguments, I do not have to accept everything I am told, regardless of position.I have found studying while raising a family challenging; however, because I am studying I have become a role model for my children and now they know the importance of education. So for me doing this degree is worth every penny of my student loan, because what I have gained cannot be bought: I have the ability to make better choices, which makes me a happier person in so many avenues of my life."

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