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Unit 2: Inclusive Practice - Assessment

This unit provides an overview of the types of assessment commonly used with Skills for Life learners, and the way that the outcomes of assessment are used by teachers and learners. You are asked to survey the assessment practices taking place in your institution, and to demonstrate that you can distinguish between the different types of assessment on offer.

TASK 0.2A: Review assessment types

Watch the Powerpoint and then complete the Assessment Survey, to show that you are familiar with what types of assessment are being used at your place of work. You may need to ask colleagues or your manager to provide you with some of the information you need.

TASK 0.2B: Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment

blog.png Use some of the web-links provided, or your own search engine, to find definitions of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment. Write brief definitions of each in your Course Tasks journal, and show that you understand them by giving an example of each. Label this entry "Task 0.2B".

TASK 0.2C: Focus on formative assessment - understand how to track learner progress

blog.png Read the document "Assessment for learning". Make notes in your Course Tasks journal as "Task 0.2C"about what you have learned and how you might change your classroom practice as a result.

TASK 0.2D: Critique an assessment tool

submitblue.jpg Identify one of the assessment tools used in your institution. This could be the screening/skills check tool used when learners enter the institution, an initial assessment, diagnostic assessment, or an example of something used to provide formative assessment during a course of study. Using the knowledge of assessment you have gained from this unit, write a short critique (maximum 400 words), which evaluates the tool you have selected in terms of its suitability to the stage in the learning journey, involvement of the learner, ease of use for teacher and learner, and the outcomes it produces. Submit this task via the e-submissions page - Task 0.2D.