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Undergraduate Module Evaluation

We value your comments and feedback. Evaluation is not just a University requirement, but also helps us to address any issues and to plan future programmes.

Please indicate in the table below the rating which best reflects your opinion about each aspect of the module:
5 Excellent 4 Good 3 Adequate 2 Barely acceptable 1 Less than satisfactory N/A
How well did the academic level and content of the module meet your expectations?
To what extent were you encouraged to participate in discussion and other class activity?
How appropriate for the subject were the teaching methods which were adopted?
How well had the tutor prepared the subject-matter for the module?
How helpful was the feedback received from your tutor?
Was your marked work returned within 20 term time working days of submission?
How satisfied were you with material which was made available to you (e.g. handouts)?
How well were assessment tasks explained?
How satisfied were you with the room/facilities for the module?
Overall how satisfied were you with the module?

Privacy statement

This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of our courses.
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