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Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Skills workshops are available throughout the year within CLL. These are designed to complement the skills sessions available through Student Careers and Skills, who run a range of workshops that are available here: . Student Careers and Skills workshops are available 7 days a week, both in the daytime and evening. As most sessions run between Monday and Friday, CLL usually run Saturday workshops to increase the provision available for students who are unable to make weekday workshops.

CLL workshop topics range from Academic Writing, Revision, Reflective Writing and Time Management, through to Managing Anxiety and Preparing for Exams. Look out for information on upcoming workshops via emails (ensure you check your Warwick emails regularly!) Information will also be available in CLL newsletters.

If you need some 1-2-1 help with study skills, as well as seeking subject specific help from your module tutors you can access 1-2-1 support from writing and/or study skills mentors. Further information can be found here: .

CLL also runs a Digital Skills Mentoring scheme, to help students develop their IT skills. Information about the scheme can be found here: .