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Getting Started

Hints and Tips.
What to buy before starting.

Do not buy too much in the way of stationary and books, however tempting. Once you have your student ID card you will be eligible to get student discount in some stores so could save money. You will find it easier if you have your own PC or laptop for when you want to work at home but check to see if you could get discount as a student. A good, strong bag which is easy to carry, or can convert to being wheeled along, is also very useful. You will definitely need a memory stick to save your work on, as well as on your hard drive. It is also a good idea to email your work to yourself, then you won't lose it.

What to take to lectures and seminars.

Some modules will have separate lectures and seminars, others will be combined. For lectures take a couple of pens and an A4 paper note pad. If you are comfortable using a laptop/iPad or other electronic device you can take that and make notes. The lecturer will often publish some presentation, or power point slides onto a learning platform or Moodle. You will have your own Moodle site which will show your courses/modules and you can access any information you need by clicking on the relevant module title. It is possible to print the power point off with three slides to a page (the option comes up to do this when you go to print), this gives some lines at the side of each slide that you can write notes onto. You will usually be shown how to use Moodle during your induction but if you are unsure, IT services, situated in the library next to where the books are returned, are always happy to help. Moodle also has introductory guidelines. For seminars you will need to take the key reading materials, books or journals, the notes you made from the reading and lecture and your pad and pen or laptop.

How to get around the University campus.

The size and layout of the University can seem quite daunting when you first start. You can book to come on a campus tour, dates of tours can be found at . Alternatively you can book onto and attend one of the Open Days, when there will also be opportunities to register for mini lectures and find out about everything else the University can help with. Using the interactive map is extremely useful and you can have a look at the layout of the rooms inside the buildings, so you will not feel so lost when arriving for your first session.

There is a free shuttle bus service which circles the whole campus and on a rainy day is invaluable if you have to travel from Central to Westwood Campus, or to Gibbet Hill site. The shuttle bus also runs a service from University House to Canley railway station at peak travelling times.

Another way to get around campus, apart from walking, is to join the UniCycles scheme. There are various drop off points around the sites and it is a great way to keep fit.