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Hints on how to prepare for your course

This may have already been covered when you came to your interview. However here are some basic pointers to get you prepared;

Ensure you have some basic equipment, such as a folder, notebook and pen. Remember once enrolled and in receipt of your student badge you will be eligible for discount in some stores.

Read around the subject. Search Scholar Google for articles related to areas of the subject which interest you. For example if you are studying a sociology module you could investigate who the Founding Fathers' of sociology were, read about them and find out about their different ideas. If you see a journal or article in a newspaper that seems interesting, read it and keep it for future reference.

Get to know the University website. Look at what information is available and where it is.

Come to the University and get to know the campus better, even if it is making a note of where the best places for coffee are, or where the food preparation sites are located so that you can make your own drinks and heat food. For your future information there are three of these areas; Westwood Cafe, University House Atrium and Rootes.