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Time Management

Time management, or ‘How do I fit everything in?’

There are some times when we are busier than others and planning for these times is not always possible. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep up to date, or ahead, with your key reading and essay planning when you have the time. This way, when something unexpected happens, you can catch up quickly and don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Fitting in the module reading can seem daunting at first. Here is a link about ‘scan reading’ which can be really useful Another technique is ‘skim reading’ . Other techniques of reading through a document quickly can be found in various study skills books, many of which are available from the library.

It can be difficult sometimes to set aside long periods when you can study uninterrupted. Working in short bursts can be as, or more, productive, as sitting in front of the computer or trying to get through a whole raft of reading in one go. Reading and jotting down notes can happen during a lunch break at work, waiting for the potatoes to boil, or while the children are watching a favourite programme. If you have children who are school age, sit down and do some ‘homework’ alongside them doing theirs. If studying at home is difficult try and timetable some extra time at University or college. It might only be for short periods of time but it amazing how much you can get done when the time is focused and undisturbed. Don’t forget to factor in some family and friends time too. Study can become our main focus and it is important to maintain some balance. This can be hard at exam time when you are trying to revise. At these times you just have to ask everyone to be patient with you!

If you do find things start to get on top of you, speak to your personal tutor before you feel you can’t cope. They can help you to arrange extensions and discuss skills training which could be useful.