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Pastoral care and disability services

Once you start you will be assigned a personal tutor. For the first two years of 2+2 this will be the programme co-ordinator at the college you attend. At University the tutor may be from CLL or the department in which you are studying your modules. Your personal tutor is usually the first person you would contact if in need of advice not related to a course module, such as if you are unwell. You are also able to contact CLL’s Student Experience Manager, Kirsty Wade on or 024 7652 8459.

Student Support Services are also available to help guide you through your life as a student. For a full list of their services visit:

As a student of the University you will have access to the wide ranging support provided by the Student Union. Here is a link to their advice page: .

There is also a Chaplaincy on campus, situated between the Arts Centre, Senate House and Social Sciences block. More information on the services they provide, including a quiet place to just unwind can be found here: .

Disability Services.

You can contact Disability Services to discuss support if you are dyslexic, or think you might be, or for any other Special Learning Difference which might impact on your studies whilst at University. For detailed information on the service they provide go to: .