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About us

Our aim is to support the University's research strategy by undertaking theoretically robust, methodologically rigorous, innovative research that has an impact on academic discourse, policy, professional practice, the student experience and the lives of those communities and users with which it engages. Our expertise is in theoretical and applied social sciences.

Research is intended to support the Centre’s wider mission and is informed by our values. These values include:

  • giving a more influential voice to service users, carers and adult learners, including in the design and delivery of the research process itself
  • promoting access, equality, diversity and social justice
  • influencing policy-makers, professional practitioners and educators with knowledge translation and evidence-based practice

We emphasise inter-disciplinarity and collaboration across disciplinary and professional boundaries, both within the University and externally.

Our research spans academically-oriented outputs, meeting the highest standards of excellence and peer review, which are intended to shape ideas and have a long term impact, through action-oriented research and evaluations that have a more immediate and practical/ professional impact.

At all times, we aim to instil a culture of research-mindedness and active engagement with research in all our students.


In support of its overarching aims, our research objectives at the Centre for Lifelong Learning are:

1. to develop and retain a vibrant and inclusive research culture with peer support, staff development and appropriate resource allocation
2. to support publication in high quality journals, including high impact factor journals, whilst also ensuring that research findings are transferred and disseminated to maximise their impact
3. to increase the number of REFable members of staff by REF2020
4. to increase the status and diversity of funded research and to ensure the financial sustainability of research
5. to develop and grow the PhD programme
6. to inculcate research mindedness in all our students
7. to engender innovative theoretical and methodological approaches, including in doctoral and post-doctoral research
8. to ensure that the research process involves users in an effective partnership
9. to foster inter-professional and inter-disciplinary research within and between the Centre’s research groupings and the wider University
10. to develop international collaborations, including through comparative work and the Monash-Warwick Alliance