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Our Current PhD Students

Our current PhD students and their research:

Charles Clegg
Research title: What are the psychological conditions that a coachee must have that makes coaching effective?
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Mike Gallant

Fatima De Almeida Reszczynski
Research title: Understanding the Self-harm of Young ESOL Students
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Will Curtis

Mi Yi
Research title: Child Abandonment and Welfare
Supervisors: Chris Harrison and Ravi Thiara

Nursakinah Binti Md Salleh
Research title: Relationship between Educators' Lifelong Learning Competencies and Student Engagement
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Will Curtis
N dot B dot Md-Salleh at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dean Howes
Research title: From Philosophy to Pedagogy to Practice: What is Higher Education to do with Mindfulness?
Supervisors: Will Curtis and Steve Gascoigne 

Eleanor Lutman-White
Research title: Decision-making in Cases of Neglect
Research topic: how decisions are made in cases of child neglect with a particular focus on how professionals talk about cases of child neglect and how the practice of social work is discursively constructed
Supervisor: Christine Harrison and Jo Angouri

Peter Wolstencroft
Research title: A critical review of the training and support provided to middle managers within the Post Compulsory Education sector
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Will Curtis

Masauso Chirwa
Research title: The Impact on Mothers Raising a Child with Mild and Severe Disabilities in the Developing World. A case study of Kaoma and Lusaka- Zambia
Supervisors: Christine Harrison and Barbara Merrill
Read Masauso's student profile

Marian Orton
Research title: Built Environment and Public Health: Exploring the Relationships Between Community, Public Space and Health
Supervisors: Christine Harrison and Carole Mockford

Osman Tunc
Research title: The relationship between types of domestic violence and types of outcomes: the moderating effect of gender
Supervisor: Khursheed Wadia and Ravi Thiara

Sara Cook
Research title: An insight into the experience of both coaches and coachees who undertake coaching while walking in terms of transformative learning
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Mike Gallant

Mahmoud Ibrahim
Research title: Political Communication: Islamophobia and its impact on public opinion in the UK
Supervisors: Khursheed Wadia and Ravi Thiara

Xueke Sun
Research title: A Comparative Study of Intercultural Education in England and Germany
Supervisors: Barbara Merrill and Steven Gascoigne

Luke Tibbits
Research title: Exploring Poverty in Social Work Practice: The Experiences of Social Workers
Supervisors: Alan Dolan and Chris Harrison