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Past Seminars

Speaker: Fatima De Almeida Reszczynski

Title: From 'moral panic' to educational concern: self-harm today!

Wednesday 25th May 2016 2pm - 3.30pm

Venue: Room WT1.05, Westwood Teaching Centre, Westwood Site

Speaker: Masauso Chirwa, CLL PhD Student

Title: Negotiating Access in the Field, the Zambian Experience’

Wednesday 24th February 2016 2pm - 3.30pm

Venue: Room WT1.01, Westwood Teaching Centre, Westwood Site

Speaker: Osman Tunc, CLL PhD Student

Title: Young People's Perspectives on Living with Domestic Violence, Its Effects and Coping Strategies: A Case Study of Turkey

Wednesday 18th November 2015 3.30-5.00pm

Venue: Room WCE0.9b, Ground Floor, CLL Building, Westwood

Speaker: Patricia A. Gouthro, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada 'From Rejected to Accepted: Getting Published in Academic Journals' Wednesday 1st July 2015 10-12pm Venue: Room WT1.04, Westwood Teaching Centre, Westwood Campus

With the threat of “publish or perish” hanging over one’s head, the challenges of learning how to write scholarly articles and navigate the submission and publication process can be intimidating. In this session I will draw upon my experience as a writer, reviewer, and editor, in order to demystify the process of publishing in scholarly journals. We will look at how to select an appropriate journal for publication, trace the peer review process, and overview a number of points to take into consideration when actually writing a paper for publication. Questions will be welcomed and an opportunity to share insights and experiences will be provided.

Speaker: Sophie Rees, CLL PhD Student
'It just pulls you apart in every possible direction': The impact of living with a history of breast cancer on the lives of young women.
Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Venue: Room WE1.16, Centre for Education Studies, Westwood Campus

Speakers: Sophie Rees and Masauso Chirwa, CLL PhD Students
Reflecting Upon and Understanding the Upgrade Process
Wednesday 18th March 2015, Venue WCE0.9a, CLL, Westwood Campus
This presentation on Sophie and Masauso's experiences of the PhD upgrade process included factual information and personal reflections on writing the PhD upgrade report, preparing for the upgrade viva and on getting ethical clearance from the University’s Humanities and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee

Speaker: Peter Wolstenscroft, CLL PhD Student
A Move to the Dark Side: The transition to management within post compulsory education?
Wednesday 25th February 2015
Venue: Room WEO.29, CLL, Westwood Campus

Speaker: Chirwa Masauso, CLL PhD Student
Inclusive Education and Disability in the Zambian Context
Wednesday 19th November 2014
WT1.04, Westwood Teaching Centre, 2-4pm

Speaker: Marian Orton, CLL PhD Student
Field Work in China: a Journey of Self-Identification
Wednesday 5th November 2014
WT1.05, Westwood Teaching Centre, 2-4pm

Speaker: Sobia Masood, CLL PhD Student
Intimate Partner Violence in Pakistan and its Impact on Young People from their own Perspectives
Speaker: Professor Cathy Humphreys
New Challenges in Strengthening the Mother-Child Relationship in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence
Wednesday 9 April 2014, – Wolfson Research Exchange, The Library, 2-3.30pm

Speakers: Professor Linden West, Canterbury Christ Church University & Dr Barbara Merrill, University of Warwick
Using Biographical and Auto Biographical Narratives in Social Science and Educational Research
Wednesday 19 February 2014, WT0.05, 2-4pm, Westwood Centre, Westwood Campus

Speaker: Pinmei Huang, CLL PhD Student
Fatherhood in China
Wednesday 20 November 2013, - Room WT0.05, 2-3.30pm, Westwood Teaching Centre, Westwood Campus

Speakers: Eleanor Lutman-White and Sophie Rees, CLL PhD students
Reflections on the process of doing a PhD
Wednesday 30 October 2013, 2-3.30pm, - Room WCE.09b, Centre for Lifelong Learning