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Social Policy and Social Work PhD

PhD in Social Policy and Social Work (Course Code: P-L4PA)

This PhD degree spans a diverse range of areas reflecting the multi-disciplinary strengths of our staff.

We welcome applications to study in the following areas at postgraduate level:

Gender Violence, Child Abuse, Safety and Well-being

  • Domestic violence
  • Violence against women and ‘race’/ethnicity
  • Disability and violence
  • Children and violence
  • Child abuse and feminist perspectives on child abuse and child protection
  • Working with parents and children in public care
  • Child contact and post-separation violence
  • Child homicide in the context of domestic violence
  • Images of child abuse and new information and communication technologies

Race, Ethnicity and Migration

  • ‘Race'/ethnicity, gender and migration
  • Migrant communities in Europe
  • Diversity and multicultural politics in Europe

Political Participation, Civic Engagement, policy

  • Gender, political participation and civic engagement
  • Young people, political participation, civic engagement, social cohesion
  • Gender and policy

Men, Masculinity, Health

Our academic staff are:

To find out more about the research interests of our academic staff, please visit our Staff research interests page.