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Staff research interests

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Dr Sarah Cousins

  • Emotions in caring professions
  • Love in early childhood education and care
  • Qualitative reseach methodologies
  • Poetry in research
  • Technology enhanced learning
S dot Cousins dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Will Curtis

Dr Will Curtis

  • Post-16 learning identities
  • Further education transitions
  • Finnish higher education
  • Relationships between learning and contemporary culture
  • Alternative models of education
  • Philosophy of education
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Democratic education
W dot J dot Curtis at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Alan Dolan 

Dr Alan Dolan

  • Inequalities in health
  • Men, masculinity and health
A dot Dolan at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Steve Gascoigne
  • Social Policy
  • Comparative Welfare State Studies
  • Labour Markets
  • Unemployment Policy
S dot Gascoigne at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Simon Glaze
  • (International) Political Economy
  • Political articulations of academic economic ideas
  • Academic and political articulations of the self
  • History of Economic Thought (especially Adam Smith)
  • History of Social Sciences (especially Economics, Psychology and Sociology)
S dot Glaze at warwick dot ac dot uk

 Dr Phil Goss

P dot Goss at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Christine Harrison 

Dr Christine Harrison

  • Feminist perspectives on child abuse and child protection
  • Working with parents and children in public care
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child homicide in the context of domestic violence
  • Images of child abuse and new information and communication technologies
C dot Harrison at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Fergus McKay

Dr Fergus McKay

  • Expansion of adult learning in the Georgian and Victorian eras
  • Development of contemporary issues in the learning and skills sector
Fergus dot McKay at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Barbera Merrill 

Dr Barbara Merrill

  • Adult student experiences in further, higher and community education
  • Gender, class and adult education
  • Biographical narrative research and adult education
  • Issues of access, retention and drop-out
  • Learning experiences and learner identity
Barbara dot Merrill at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Ravia Thiara 

Dr Ravi Thiara

  • Domestic violence
  • Race, ethnicity, gender and migration
  • Violence against women and ethnicity
  • Children and domestic violence
  • Child contact and post-separation violence
R dot K dot Thiara at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Khursheed Wadia 

Dr Khursheed Wadia

  • Intersection of politics, gender and ethnicity in Europe with a specific focus on Britain and France
  • Gender, ethnicity and politics (political participation, representation and policy) in Britain and France
  • Migration and ethnic relations in Britain and France
Khursheed dot Wadia at warwick dot ac dot uk