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Staff research interests

Contact us using the e-mail address listed here or click on our profiles to get in touch and discuss your research proposal.


Dr Sarah Cousins

  • Foundation degrees in early years
  • Mathematical anxiety and resilience in lifelong learning contexts
  • Emotions in caring professions
  • Love in early childhood education and care
  • Poetry in research
  • Qualitative research methodologies
S dot Cousins dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Will Curtis

Dr Will Curtis

  • Post-16 learning identities
  • Further education transitions
  • Finnish higher education
  • Relationships between learning and contemporary culture
  • Alternative models of education
  • Philosophy of education
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Democratic education
W dot J dot Curtis at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Alan Dolan 

Dr Alan Dolan

  • Inequalities in health
  • Men, masculinity and health
A dot Dolan at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Steve Gascoigne
  • Social Policy
  • Comparative Welfare State Studies
  • Labour Markets
  • Unemployment Policy
S dot Gascoigne at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Simon Glaze
  • (International) Political Economy
  • Political articulations of academic economic ideas
  • Academic and political articulations of the self
  • History of Economic Thought (especially Adam Smith)
  • History of Social Sciences (especially Economics, Psychology and Sociology)
S dot Glaze at warwick dot ac dot uk

 Dr Phil Goss

P dot Goss at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Christine Harrison 

Dr Christine Harrison

  • Feminist perspectives on child abuse and child protection
  • Domestic violence and child contact
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child homicide in the context of domestic violence
C dot Harrison at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Fergus McKay

Dr Fergus McKay

  • Expansion of adult learning in the Georgian and Victorian eras
  • Development of contemporary issues in the learning and skills sector
Fergus dot McKay at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Barbera Merrill 

Dr Barbara Merrill

  • Adult student experiences in further, higher and community education
  • Gender, class and adult education
  • Biographical narrative research and adult education
  • Issues of access, retention and drop-out
  • Learning experiences and learner identity
Barbara dot Merrill at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Ravia Thiara 

Dr Ravi Thiara

  • Domestic violence
  • Race, ethnicity, gender and migration
  • Violence against women and ethnicity
  • Children and domestic violence
  • Child contact and post-separation violence
R dot K dot Thiara at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Khursheed Wadia 

Dr Khursheed Wadia

  • Intersection of politics, gender and ethnicity in Europe with a specific focus on Britain and France
  • Gender, ethnicity and politics (political participation, representation and policy) in Britain and France
  • Migration and ethnic relations in Britain and France
Khursheed dot Wadia at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Phil McCash

  • Lifelong learning
  • Career development
  • Coaching
  • Other forms of self help and self development
  • Cross-cutting topics linked to above (e.g. culture, identity, meaning, depth psychology, intellectual history)
  • Interpretive approaches to research
p dot t dot mccash at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Emma Langley

  • Psychological outcomes of families of children with ID/autism
  • Autism, transition, parent and professional experiences
  • Disability, identity, and sexuality
  • Mixed methods research (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Primary and secondary datasets
e dot langley dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Lee Quinney

  • Mental health, housing and criminal justice
  • Personality disorder, psychopathy and psycho-social models
  • Men, masculinities, mental disorder and violence
  • Social work education and learning
  • Technology enhanced-learning
  • Workforce, Work-based and professional learning
  • Apprenticeships in higher education
  • Conceptualising method and mixed methodologies
lee dot quinney at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Anil Awesti

  • European Union politics and policy-making
  • Brexit studies
  • The relationship between higher education and social justice
  • Widening participation policies and practices in higher education (access, support and progression)
  • Adult education and lifelong learning
  • Ethnic minority attainment/awarding gaps and experiences in higher education
A dot K dot Awesti at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dean Howes

  • The pedagogy of mindfulness
  • The experiences of teachers and learners of mindfulness
  • Constructivist-based pedagogies
  • Well-being in HE
  • The use of new technologies in teaching and learning
  • The use of biofeedback for well-being
Dean dot Howes at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr John Gough

  • The formation of professional identity and professionalism within the context of neo-liberalism
  • The impact of neo-liberal policies on organisational behaviour, structure and culture
  • Developing knowledgeable and resilient ‘social actors’ through professional training and CPD
  • The role of cross-cultural story-telling archetypes and narratives in supporting and enabling individual development
  • The implications of ‘serious play’ for teaching and learning
John dot Gough at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Charlotte Jones

  • Drama, theatre and performance within early childhood contexts
  • Early years spaces and environments
  • Autoethnographic and narrative research

  • Arts-based research

  • Student and Practitioner identity within early years contexts

charlotte dot e dot jones at warwick dot ac dot uk