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Established in 2001, and nationally and internationally renowned for its research, the Centre for the Study of Safety and Wellbeing (SWELL) focuses on the following areas:
  • Violence against women and children and its impact on well-being
  • Minoritised and marginalised groups
  • Political and civic engagement

Designed to centre marginalised voices/experiences and to inform policy and practice, SWELL’s research has a long-standing reputation among policy makers and practitioners.

SWELL offers strategic research, evaluation and training services to organisations working in its areas of interest and supervises PhD students from across the world. It offers a supportive environment in what can be a difficult area of research and study.

Applying feminist, child centred and anti-oppressive understandings, some of our pioneering research, carried out in collaboration with research colleagues, third sector organisations, professional bodies and government departments, includes:

  • Child contact and protection
  • Effects of domestic violence on mother-child relationships
  • Disability and domestic violence
  • Children’s perspectives on domestic violence
  • Women experiencing domestic violence and the risks to their economic, health and personal independence
  • Multi-agency work and risk assessment
  • Black and minority ethnic women and sexual violence
  • Bride price and its links to domestic violence in Uganda
  • Violence against women in marginalised communities
  • Links between problematic substance use and domestic violence
  • Refugee women in Britain and France
  • Women from Muslim communities and their political and civic engagement since 9/11 in the UK and France
  • Comparative study of young people’s political and civic engagement across 14 European countries