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Our events

SWELL offers an ongoing programme of seminars and events attended by students, staff and external professionals.
Past seminars have included:

Dr Alan Dolan, Director of MA Social Work, Centre for Lifelong Learning ( ‘Men , Masculinities and Fatherhood’

Professor Liz Kelly, Professor of Sexualised Violence, Child & Woman Abuse Studies Unit,

London Metropolitan University (

Lessons from the Mirabel Project on Working with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence’

Dr Laura Zahra McDonald, Director at Connect Futures (
“Hitting the Wall, then Leaping over it: Muslim Women Subverting the Trope”

Lizzie Magnusson, Women's Aid, UK - Nineteen child homicides'

Dr Ravi Thiara and Chris Harrison, SWELL, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick - 'What does the evidence base tell us about child contact in the context of domestic violence

Shaista Gohir, Chair Muslim Women’s Network UK - 'Unheard voices: child sexual exploitation of young women and girls in South Asian communities in the UK'

Book launched at the above seminar - 'Prevention work and violence against women and girls'

Dr Jane Ellis, Anglia Ruskin University - 'Prevention work: challenges and dilemas'

Dr Hannana Siddiqui, Southall Black Sisters - 'Pandora's Box: preventing violence against black and minority ethnic women and girls

Shabana Kausar, Women's Aid - Safer futures: supporting schools to prevent domestic violence in young relationships

Dr Carole Zuffrey, University of South Australia'Long-term effects of intimate partner violence: housing, mental health and employment'

Professor Colleen Fisher, University of Western Australia'Domestic Violence in Mid-Life Australian Women: Perceived Support Needs and Interactions with Services'

Sobia Masood, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad'Intimate partner Violence in Pakistan and its impact on young people from their own perspectives'

Prof Cathy Humphreys, Visiting Fellow, University of Melbourne'New challenges in Strengthening the Mother-Child Relationship in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence'

ESRC funded seminar series, co-hosted by SWELL and Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester'Whose security? Migration-(in)security dilemmas ten years after 9/11'

Hannana Siddiqui, Southall Black Sisters'"True Honour": Debates and policy on domestic violence, forced marriage and honour crimes in the UK'

Afiya Zia, Karachi, Pakistan'The war on terror: an assessment of its impact on women'

Professor Lorraine Radford'The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment: findings from national research in the UK'

Afiya Zia, Karachi, Pakistan'Secular and Islamic feminisms: product of the war on terror?'

Message from one of our April 2015 event attendees:

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the meeting and seminar on Monday. I am so glad I managed to swap my work days around as I really enjoyed the day and got so much out of it. It even inspired me to think about maybe becoming a research student!"