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Our students

Doctoral students are an important part of SWELL’s activities and our current students, home and international, are examining important areas which will make interesting and unique contributions to existing research. The Centre continues to welcome PhD students in its areas of focus.

Current PhD students
Name Title of PhD
Eleanor Lutman-White Child neglect and child protection
Sophie Rees Exploring the experiences and perspectives of young women living with a history of breast cancer in the UK
Masauso Chirwa Perspectives of mothers of disabled children in Zambia
Osman Tunc Effects of exposure to domestic violence on young people and their coping strategies
Marian Orton Older people’s perspectives on ageing in Beijing
Anne Thieba African migrants in the ‘Twilight Zone’: constraints, opportunities, strengths and health experiences
Pinmei Huang Chinese fathers’ perspectives on being fathers and fathering
Rakinder Reehal Decolonising the female body: torture, power, and the state

Recently completed PhDs
Name Title of PhD
Sobia Masood Childhood exposure to intimate partner violence: effects on Pakistani young people
Hannana Siddiqui Forced marriage, honour based violence and black and minority ethnic women’s struggle for human rights
Eleanor Parker Siblings separated through the care system
Claire Houghton Voice against violence: young people’s experiences of domestic abuse policy making in Scotland
Sevinc Bermek The emergence, the consolidation of the AKP and its impact on Turkish politics and society
Poonam Madar I am: resistance and ambiguity in the construction of Black British
Diane Bailey Being with as opposed to doing: a contribution to mental health research to transform education and practice