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Social Work PhD

PhD in Social Work (Course Code: P-L4P7)

This PhD degree spans a diverse range of areas reflecting the multi-disciplinary strengths of our staff.

We welcome applications to study in the following areas at postgraduate level:

Gender Violence, Child Abuse, Safety and Well-being

  • Domestic violence
  • Violence against women and ‘race’/ethnicity
  • Disability and violence
  • Children and violence
  • Child abuse and feminist perspectives on child abuse and child protection
  • Working with parents and children in public care
  • Child contact and post-separation violence
  • Child homicide in the context of domestic violence
  • Images of child abuse and new information and communication technologies

Race, Ethnicity and Migration

  • ‘Race'/ethnicity, gender and migration
  • Migrant communities in Europe
  • Diversity and multicultural politics in Europe

Gender and policy

Men, Masculinity, Health

Our academic staff are:

To find out more about the research interests of our academic staff, please visit our Staff research interests page.

Find out more about the research interests of our academics on our Staff research interests page.

Discover what our current PhD students are researching