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25 years of the 2+2 Degree

In September 1991 the first cohort of 2+2 students began their studies at a local partner college, then after two years completed their degree at Warwick. Over 2,000 local people have studied on this programme, many without any qualifications. We've taken a look through our archives and thought we'd share some snapshots of how this programme changed people's lives. Many of the photos and quotes we've used are taken directly from archive material.

1991-1995 (first cohort)
Alan DolanAlan Dolan - Director of Social Work, University of Warwick
"I didn't think I'd ever get to uni, I didn't have traditional means... I went from having no idea about what sociology was to actually having like a lightbulb moment, you know, suddenly the world was a different place."
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Mark Donnelly - Operations Manager, Warwickshire County Council
"It provides you, especially as a mature student, with the opportunity to 'think', take a step back and soak up the atmosphere of academia, use the study time and all of its associated opportunities. It provides other perspectives, or reinforces what you believe, or challenges it, so for me an all round good experience"
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dawn_thumbnail.jpgDawn Wilson - Family Literacy Language and Numeracy Widening Participation worker
"I failed the 11 plus, wasn't considered clever enough to sit O' levels and was put in for CSEs… and look at me now!"
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Baljit Gill
"I am a single mother of 3 children and was determined to better my life and that of my children and felt that retraining was the best way. I am really proud of what I have achieved and can now say it was all worthwhile."

Ruth Leigh
"I am throughly enjoying the course and feel it has given me confidence and challenged me intellectually."

Helen and DaleHelen and Dale Westall
Helen and her husband Dale enrolled on the course in the same year, it was a major step for them both but seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. They both graduated with a 2.i, which prevented any friction - a great end to four hard but enjoyable years.

Sharon Tuersley - Chief of Staff
Sharon Tuersley"I started my 2+2 Degree in 2000 because I was looking to change my career. Right from the very beginning I knew I’d made the right decision. The course was really interesting and there was so much support available from the lecturers and the 2+2 office my confidence in my academic ability quickly grew.
I graduated in 2004 and started work at the University as a project administrator and I am now the Chief of Staff in the University Executive Office. I know I have my 2+2 degree to thank for kick starting the change in my career and I’m so pleased I made the decision to do it."

2001-2005Nasreen Akhlaq
Nasreen Akhlaq
"Completing the 2+2 degree has opened up so many opportunities for me to explore in the future. Without a doubt there is an overwhelming feeling of pride and achievement of completing the degree."

michelle_clinton.jpgMichelle Clinton
"I was able to make new friends who also worked and had families and we gave each other lots of support over the four years and the tutors were always available if we needed them."

Steve Rose
"After working in a factory for eleven years, voluntary redundancy was not an easy step to take. I felt that now was the time to give in to that long-held belief that that I was capable of something else. Studying has changed the way I think about life and my relationships with friends and family."

Louise Monk
Louise Monk
"My children are now six and nine, and I am 43. They understand the importance of education, and I am aware of their learning potential. They appreciate that homework has to be done!"

Catherine Mills
Catherine Mills
"I have also been successful in winning funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to undertake my Masters and PhD back at Warwick – for me this highlights the validity of both the 2+2 route and older students.

Zoey RhodesZoey Rhodes - Community and Family Worker
"I just really want to say thank you to Warwick because I wouldn't have been able to have the opportunity if they hadn't had the 2+2."

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Lesley Flynn
"When I received the offer from Warwick University, it was like a dream coming true. Someone believed in me and I was determined not to let them down. My life was about to change and I couldn’t wait."

In 2016, 26 of our 2+2 students are on track to graduate. Could it be you or someone you know in 2020?


Our current partner colleges:

  • Warwickshire College, Leamington
  • City College, Coventry
  • Warwickshire College, Rugby
  • Solihull College
  • North Warwickshire and Hinckley College