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Warwick Learning Account

WLA scheme 2018/19

  • The WLA scheme for 2018/19 runs from 1 August 2018 until 31 July 2019.
  • Requests for a new set of vouchers for Warwick Sport should be made using the online application available from the link in the right-hand column.
  • You will be able to request a virtual voucher for the Language Centre from September.
  • Please note that this scheme is limited to the courses as listed on this page, and the availability of courses is subject to budgetary limits.

How does the scheme work?
Are you eligible for a Warwick Learning Account
How can you use your Warwick Learning Account
How can I obtain my Warwick Learning Account Vouchers

How does the scheme work?

Depending upon the size and length of your contract, you can apply for vouchers which can be used towards a variety of programmes, as detailed below. Each voucher is worth up to £70, with the maximum allowance of 6 vouchers equating to £420 in 2018/19, with the exception of staff studying for part-time degrees, where there is a higher allowance. The vouchers are valid for one year and expire at the end of the financial year (31 July) or when budgetary limits have been reached. Unused vouchers cannot be carried forward or used by another member of staff or family member.

There are currently two forms of vouchers available; paper vouchers for use for Warwick Sport courses and Warwick Arts Masterclasses, and ‘virtual’ vouchers for all other provision.

Are you eligible for a Warwick Learning Account?

If you have an employment contract issued by HR and are paid from the standard salaries monthly payroll you are entitled to a Warwick Learning Account.

Please note, if you are a temporary worker (eg third party contract worker, Unitemps employee), on the VAM or Sessional Teaching payrolls or a PG (research) student then you are not entitled to Warwick Learning Account vouchers.

The amount of your allowance depends upon the percentage of a full-time equivalent contract you work, as follows:

Percentage Contract

Standard Allowance

Part-time Degree Allowance

(For staff who do not already hold a first degree)

Part-time Degree Allowance

(For staff who already hold a first degree)

Up to 30% FTE

2 vouchers (up to £140)

Funding up to 30 CATS of study to a maximum of £1,540

Funding up to 15 CATS of study to a maximum of £770

31% to 60% FTE

4 vouchers (up to £280)

Funding up to 60 CATS of study to a maximum of £3,080

Funding up to 30 CATS of study to a maximum of £1,540

61% to 100% FTE

6 vouchers (up to £420)

For staff who are joining or leaving part-way through the year, the voucher allowance will be pro-rata using your contract start and end dates.

Part-time staff who were previously in receipt of a full allowance and have already embarked upon a Part-time Degree will continue to receive the full allowance until they complete their degree.

How can you use your Warwick Learning Account?

Undergraduate Degree Programme

If you wish to study for a part-time degree your vouchers have a higher monetary value, and in some cases there is an increased allowance, and will cover the cost of between 15 and 60 CATS/credits of study, as per the table above. Staff using their Warwick Learning Account for a part-time degree are not entitled to further vouchers for other purposes. Provided you do not already hold a first degree you may receive funding towards your degree of up to 60 credits per year, up to a maximum of £3080.

Staff members who already hold a first degree or higher level qualification

For existing students (started before 2012) there is no change, and we will continue to fund your studies up to 60 credits per year.

For new applicants starting in 2018, (or existing students who started from Oct 2012) we will fund the equivalent of up to 30 credits of study per year only, up to a maximum of £1540

View the part-time undergraduate degree programme.

Voucher reference numbers for Part-time degrees will be available from mid-August.

Single Module Study

It may be possible for some undergraduate modules to be taken as a single module study. The maximum amount that can be claimed is £420 for 6 vouchers. Staff undertaking modules for single module study are not entitled to the increased allowances for part-time degrees.

Centre for Lifelong Learning

Within the Centre for Lifelong Learning you can use your vouchers for a variety of undergraduate and non-accredited certificates and courses. CLL's autumn programme is now open for booking with the following courses available:
Unless specifically stated all costs and the value of the WLA vouchers are for 2018/19.

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
Now open for 2018/19.
6 WLA vouchers plus £840 are required for the 30 credit course. The fee for 2018/19 is £1260. The balance of may be paid as a lump sum or, alternatively, in 3 instalments of 50%, 25% and 25% termly, if preferred. Further details and the application form are online.

Language Centre

Information regarding classes for 2018/19 will be available when registration opens, usually mid-September. Courses start at the beginning of October and run for 2 terms. Taster/continuation courses run in the Summer term. WLA virtual vouchers for Language Centre classes will be available to request in September.

Warwick Sport

Did you know that, as a member of staff at the University of Warwick, you can use your WLA vouchers in two different ways with Warwick Sport? You can try something completely new by joining one of our active courses. Alternatively, you could use your vouchers to buy a bundle of fitness classes, we offer 10, 20 or 50.

For more information about how to get active on campus, visit: 

Warwick Arts Centre - Masterclasses

The masterclasses programme will run again in 2018/19 from the Autumn term. The Arts Centre has remained open and continued its live programme throughout the redevelopment of the Arts Centre. Details of exclusive tickets deals and opportunities for University of Warwick staff can be found here.

How do I obtain my Warwick Learning Account Vouchers?

Please ONLY request your vouchers when you know what you are planning to use them for. Whilst there is a finite budget for each programme, this is allocated in the order that actual bookings are made, not in the order that vouchers are issued.

Use the appropriate online form available from the links in the right-hand column to request your vouchers.

Your paper vouchers will be sent to your departmental address via the internal mail, whilst viritual vouchers will be issued via email.

We are not able to offer the following programmes through the Warwick Learning Account:

  • Music Centre tuition
  • IT qualifications (e-Citizen, etc)
  • Warwick Sport memberships and the Climbing Centre
  • Postgraduate courses, Diploma in Coaching, or accredited IATL honours level modules
  • One-to-one tuition

If you have any queries about the Warwick Learning Account, please email wla at warwick dot ac dot uk or phone extension 24778.

Book on to a short course at CLL - Details of these courses coming soon

Request virtual vouchers for Language Centre Courses - These will be available to request from September