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Mindfulness - Education Staff Booking (WLA and/or payment)

Please complete this form to book on to the Mindfulness for Everyday Living course running for Centre for Professional Education staff. Please select your preferred booking method from the list below.
No formal qualifications are required to register for our Open Studies Certificates. However, due to a new government funding policy regarding ELQs – Equivalent or Lower Qualifications – it is essential you complete this section. These qualifications do not refer to professional qualifications. Please tell us your highest level of qualification.
We will confirm your eligibility for the Warwick Learning Account scheme (i.e. you are paid on the 24th of the month) and we will then claim your vouchers automatically for you. Please note if you are on a part-time contract, if you chose not to use the maximum number of vouchers (4) or if you do not have enough vouchers available, we will contact you with details of how to pay the remaining balance.
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In order to correctly administer and to ensure the provision of funding for your course of study, it will be necessary for the University to process your data and to share certain data about you with statutory bodies such as HESA and HEFCE, any bodies involved in sponsoring your studies, and any other third parties where the sharing of such data is necessary for the successful administration and funding of your course. It may also be necessary on occasion to share certain data about you with other third parties where it is appropriate to do so in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. I certify that the information I have given is correct and I agree to the University of Warwick processing personal data in connection with my time as a student (full or part-time) at the University for any purpose connected with my studies or my health and safety or for any other legitimate reason.
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