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clareName: Clare
Course: FdA Early Childhood

Clare worked in a corporate setting before joining the course, but when she became a mum, her outlook changed and her career goals. Deciding that she wanted to work with children, Clare realised she didn't have qualifications to do so and applied for the EarlyChildhood Foundation Degree.

Working Part-time Clare was able to balance studying and family around her work commitments.

"I'm in quite a privileged position really. We have two essays per module, which are spread out quite evenly so not too work intensive.

She now plans to become a teacher upon completing the course.

"My child changed the direction of my life." Clare says. "The positives of joining as an adult learner are, you really know what you want. I really didn't know this is what I wanted to do when I was leaving school. But now this is definitely the field I need to be in."

This video was filmed in 2018.