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EmmaName: Emma
Course: FdA Early Childhood

Before starting the course Emma worked in the recruitment sector and decided that the fast paced sales oriented environment wasn’t for her.

“I took a career break to have children and realised it wasn’t for me.” She says.

Emma was approached by a staff member at her child’s pre-school who suggested she help out for a few hours a week. After taking on the role, she upped her hours to full-time and progressed on to deputy manager. Her experience became her admissions onto the Early Childhood Foundation programme, which she studies in the evening one day per work around her work and family life.

“I have had such a positive experience of being a student at Warwick so far. I have loved having the opportunity to hear from some of the motivating and influential keynote speakers,”

“I have also enjoyed the ‘student ‘atmosphere of being on campus for the Saturday sessions!”

When starting the course, Emma originally planned to go into teaching, but later found a passion and interest in key topics such as child poverty and the effect this can have on children’s learning. Her new interest has led her to consider pursue pastoral roles, such as learning mentoring, inclusion management or working within family support.

“As a young adult I was never sure of what career path I wanted to travel along. I think as a more mature student I have now had time to gain a bigger picture of the world and build up clearer idea of what I want from life and from a career.”

Since starting the course, Emma has also started working in a new role within a primary school, introducing her to new opportunities in continuing professional development (CPD) and working with large teams of people.

“To anyone who feels they cannot do a degree, I felt the same when I applied but through experience I can say that it is more than achievable and not out of reach for anyone who is passionate about childcare and committed to study.”

“My advice would be to read little and often to ensure that your assignments and workload is broken down into small more manageable sections. Also the more you can read the better and the more knowledgeable you can become around a topic.”

Emma plans to continue her studies, progressing on to the optional Top-up course, which will allow her to qualify with a degree level qualification in Early Childhood. She also hopes in the future to pursue study at Master’s degree level.