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Name: Jaswin
Course: Person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy

Working in a supported accommodation for individuals with mental health issues for 12 years prompted me to embark on a counselling degree. I also wanted to broaden my counselling skills and improve my career so that I could be of better help to individuals who have lost their way temporarily. CLL offered a degree in person centred counselling and placements so I decided to enrol with the university. I truly believe that to achieve any successful counselling support outcome you need to deliver with a person-centred approach, after all, a session is about the client and therefore the focus should be the client.

The course was brilliant. I struggled with having to juggle between working life, family and studying, plus the fact I was in my mid 50s. Nevertheless being a determined person, I persevered with my intention to study. I did experience stress and anxiety within that 3/4 years, however thank goodness for the daily practice of mindfulness and meditation which helped me completely in being grounded and focused.

What I took away from the years I spent at the university was the experience and connection made with fellow students during those 3 years. Good or bad they were wonderful experiences to embrace and a lot of good memories were made there. The tutors were wonderful and were always doing their best to provide and be there when needed. I learnt that all relationships are different. I’m also aware that for whatever reason only known to the individuals, some relationships can be difficult. However with person-centred approach, judgements are removed and you’ll be surprised at the outcome of just listening or being listened to.