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JimName: Jim
Course: BA (Hons) Social Studies [2+2]

I was a 2+ 2 student in the 1990's and my studies were undertaken at Tile Hill college (now gone) and Warwick. My school career had not gone so well for a variety of reasons so the opportunity without A levels to undertake a degree at such a renowned University on my doorstep was an amazing opportunity. The confidence being a Warwick graduate gives you cannot be underestimated and it really helped me look at careers I had not previously considered. It had such an impact that I came back to do my Masters in Social work and now to teach on those very same courses!

Teaching adult learners has been the best working experience of my life. I have been able to articulate disseminate and debate issues that matter to our learners and along the way my knowledge and skills have been enriched. To see students grow in confidence and submit outstanding work has been amazing as has to see them go on and become social workers. To date upwards of 20 students have come through CLL courses such as 2+2 and become qualified as social workers. Therefore to be a part of that is truly humbling and exciting.

Such is my attachment to our Centre of Lifelong Learning and my commitment to adult learning that my own son has recently commenced a Gateway course. It should be said we are not attempting a family takeover here but obviously knowing what this Centre provides and the quality of the teaching made me happy to encourage my son to study here.