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julieName: Julie
Course: BA (Hons) Health and Social Policy [2+2]

Julie Marziano, received her BA honours degree in Health and Social Policy during Warwick’s summer graduation ceremonies.

Mrs Marziano, who has two birth children, two adopted and three fostered, is the first person in her family to enter higher education and is inspiring her children and husband, Salvatore, to follow suit.

She said: “I had never even considered that I would study for and graduate with a degree. I only realised it was an option for me when I started looking with my son when he was 17.

"He was considering going to university, and we discovered that I could too.

“As it was, he joined the RAF and I ended up being the one going to university.”

Mrs Marziano gained her degree via the 2+2 route, studying at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College for two years and then the University of Warwick for the final two years of her BA in Health and Social Policy. She originally went to school in Leicestershire but left in 1983, age 16.

“I don’t regret the route I took - I have had some great jobs, I’ve travelled, I’ve been happily married for 30 years and I’ve loved bringing up the kids, but I always felt there was an outstanding thing that I wanted to do. And actually, studying at this stage in my life, I feel that I was ready – I perhaps couldn’t have done it in my twenties."