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Name: Kayleigh
Course: BA (Hons) Social Studies [2+2]kayleigh

"I originally applied for the 2+2 degree as it gave me the foundations to be able to ease back in to education as I am a mature student. I was drawn to the aspect of studying various modules as I was unsure about where I wanted to go after completing my studies. I worked really hard to study alongside being a mum of two children and working full-time for the final 2 years of my degree. Sometimes this was extremely challenging but I remained motivated as I could see the end goal. I knew that by sticking to my university course, it would make my family proud of what I had achieved and give my family a better future with me obtaining a degree from the University of Warwick. I currently work in the education sector and I am hoping to study a postgraduate course in HR, which I am now eligible for due to passing my degree with ease.

My favourite aspects of studying this degree was seeing sociological and political views from different perspectives. I was very 'on the fence' with these agendas and hearing theories and ideas and perspectives from other students has made me see things differently with a wider knowledge on why people think the way they do. The challenges I have faced, have been returning to education as a whole and learning to manage my time better but I feel I have succeeded in both. I would recommend this degree to anyone considering returning to education but this must be done with an open mind and when barriers are faced do not give up! It is so rewarding submitting the final piece of work and receiving the grades I have worked so hard to achieve. I am looking forward to putting my degree into practice and for my next adventure."