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Name: Wai
Course: BA (Hons) Health and Social PolicyWai

"I had been working at Warwick for approximately 9 years when I commenced my degree in 2014. Without much luck in terms of job promotions and despite possessing an extensive amount of work experience, my career progression had stagnated because I did not hold a degree. I decided to pursue a part-time degree at CLL but continued to work on a full-time basis.

I was not able to complete my first degree due to unforeseen circumstances, so I had many doubts about returning to education after a 10 year gap. Choosing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, particularly at a highly-reputable institution such as Warwick, was a very frightening but exciting prospect. In the beginning, one of my goals was to achieve an Upper Second Class Honours (2:1). Considering the circumstances, this was a reasonable and attainable goal and if I achieved this, I would have been over the moon. But as my degree progressed, so did my goals. I witnessed a shift where I became more determined, more motivated and increasingly confident in my academic abilities. This has resulted in me far exceeding my original aspirations and one of the things that the degree has taught me is that you should not place limitations on your potential.

Working full-time, studying part-time, pursuing hobbies, staying fit and healthy and while looking after a young family (two boys) is very challenging indeed. A key aspect to being successful is to remain disciplined and to be productive with any spare time that you have. After a full day of working and family commitments, it can be easy to put off your studies for the evening. But try not to make a habit out of this as this can become the new normal very quickly. Instead, try to establish and implement good habits which will set you up well in the long-term. I also found that engaging with the modules early helped with the organisation and planning of assignments. Writing assignments little and often rather than at the last minute certainly worked for me as I could make improvements to summative pieces of work without feeling rushed. Fortunately for me, the environment and culture within CLL exemplifies inclusivity and unity. All of my tutors have been very supportive and engaged with my studies, offering guidance whenever it was required. Without their kindness, expert knowledge or willingness to help their students meet their goals in their degree, this journey would have been difficult and this has rightfully left a positive impression.

The newfound confidence obtained from completing the degree will hopefully provide me with options to progress my job career. But I am also seriously considering pursuing a PhD in the future as I have found the research element to studying very fulfilling.

I would recommend pursuing a degree at CLL to anyone if they want to improve their career prospects, but also to test themselves under challenging conditions. Completing a degree is such a rewarding experience. For anyone who has doubts about continuing with their degree, one simple and effective message came from my friend who also completed his part-time degree at Warwick. He said that "you can either reach a certain age with or without a degree. You can be in the same situation as you are now, or you can improve your overall prospects"."