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David Finnegan - ePortfolio

Dr. David Finnegan MBA-E-business, PhD -System Integration -CRM Specialist

Department: ORIS

Research Group: IS Research


David has twelve years senior management experience. He has worked in a range of roles, including a position with the Swedish Home Office. He has over 5 years experience in Leadership Training, System integration, Business Analyses and Business Process Re-engineering in B2B and B2C environments. He has recently completed a PhD on System Integration (CRM specialist) at Warwick Business School. The PhD on System Integration-CRM systems was sponsored by IBM, Birmingham City council and ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council). David has published three papers from this work. He is also writing two books on System Integration and CRM Implementation, with Prof. Leslie Willcocks. He is currently involved in the folowing assignments:


  • SAP CRM/System Integration Leader – Rushmore Group LLC, SAP International University Alliance Programme. On a global tour of major universities in 25 countries from 3rd of June 2006.
  • Part time Lecturer at London School of Economics, The University of Warwick. Teaching undergraduates, Postgraduates and Distance MBAs, System Integration (Siebel, SAP, FrontLine, People Soft) and its impact on Business Processes.
  • SAP Business Process Integration (BI-1 and BI-2) and CRM qualified; Teaching SAP System Integration and CRM at BSC and MSC level.
  • Have designed (hands on) a System Integration module for MSCs at Warwick Business School and have been asked to do the same at LSE.
  • Have also been actively involved in invigilation (as a Principal Invigilator), assignment marking of MSCs and Distance MBAs and assessment programmes.
  • Have been supervising dissertations and am currently also doing supervision for Oxford Brookes E-MBAs.




Dr. David Finnegan PhD System Integration (CRM), MBA E-business

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