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Research Interests

My main research interests concern sulfur-metabolism in the Bacteria. I am principally interested in the interplay between inorganic sulfur metabolism and heterotrophic growth: chemolithoheterotrophy, particularly in methylotrophs and methanotrophs. I am also interested in the metabolism of polysulfur species such as polysulfides (Sn2-), polythionates (SnO62-, n > 3) and polysulfanes (SnH2, n > 2).

Aside from sulfur-metabolism, I am interested in growth kinetic modelling in chemostat cultures grown on multiple carbon and energy sources and in the taxonomy and systematics of Bacteria.

Sampling at Movile Cave

Rich Boden

Rich dot Boden at warwick dot ac dot uk

D14 School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Lab: (024) 7652 2557

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