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Didier Isabelle Award

The Tenth Symposium of the International Radiation Physics Society was held in Coimbra, Portugal, from 17th to 22nd September 2006

In keeping with our aim to foster and highlight the research of students, five students were chosen to give presentations on the basis of the quality of their presented abstracts. All gave excellent presentations. The winner was given a trophy, the Didier Isabelle Award, and a prize of $US 500. The award was won by Danielle Stewart (University of Warwick) for her research on “The COBRA Double-Beta decay experiment”

Danielle Stewart, from Warwick, gave an interesting talk on Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride detectors for COBRA, for which she was awarded the student prize for the conference. The target background levels of 5 x 10-4 counts/ keV/ kg/ yr require not only sending everyone (and the experiment) into a dark hole underground, but also must avoid trace contamination of radioactivity from uranium by developing the surface paint of the detectors.

A report and summary of the conference can be found here.


Professor Malcolm Cooper and Rosine Isabelle (the widow of Didier Isabelle after whom the award is named) present the Didier Isabelle Award to Danielle Stewart:

Didier Isabelle Award


Particle Physics 2006

Particle Physics 2006 is the annual conference of the High Energy Particle Physics Group of the Institute of Physics. In 2006 it is hosted by the Elementary Particle Physics Group at the University of Warwick. All members of the UK theoretical and experimental particle physics communities are invited to attend.

The annual High Energy Particle Physics conference (see Particle Physics 2006 in news archive) is remarkable not just for the great sessions and talks on topical subjects in experiment and theory, but also..... the annual poster competition! The competition is open to all particle physicists and posters on research topics are displayed during the coffee breaks in the conference.

Tara Shears, Secretary of the Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Group says "All the posters were of a very high standard, so well done to the winners, who each receive a 50 pound book token."