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My Teaching

I have been teaching undergraduates for the past 4 1/2 years here at Warwick University. I really enjoy this part of academic life and find that it really helps to improve my understanding of the subject. I have been involved in teaching the following courses:

Present Teaching Activities:

  • Physics Support Classes for Mathematics Students (2008-2009)

This role involves timetabling, preparing for and teaching support classes for any 1st year mathematics students wishing to take any of the 1st year physics modules offered. The class is run in order to assist with weekly assignments and discuss any problems that the students may be having. The classes have been as large as up to 80 students. I taught support classes for the following modules:



Introduction to Particle Physics

Quantum Phenomena

Thermal Physics

Previous Teaching Activities:

  • Mathematics for Scientists (2004-2008)

I taught "Mathematics for Scientists" seminar classes to 1st year physics undergraduates for 4 years. This involved teaching 2 classes for 1 hour or more per week, helping the students with their weekly problems and assignments as well as marking their assignments. Each class contained up to 7 students. For more details of the course, see:

Maths for Scientists Module Web Pages

  • 1st Year Mathematics Exam Support for 1st year Physics Undergraduates (2006-2008)

All 1st year physics undergraduates are expected to sit 4 mathematics exams in their 1st term at university, all of which should be passed by the end of the 1st term. I invidulated these exams and helped run support classes for any students that are required to retake any. I also marked their exams and discussed their solutions with them.

  • Mathematics Supervision Classes (2004-2005)

I taught 1st year mathematics and physics undergraduate supervision classes. This involved small group teaching (4 students) and marking for any core modules.

Supervision Pages

The follwing courses were covered during the supervisions:

Analysis I

Analysis II


Linear Algebra

  • Analysis III (2004-2005)

This involved teaching larger groups of 2nd year mathematics joint degree students (up to 30) and marking their weekly assignments.

Analysis III