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Talvinder Gill

About Me

I completed my PhD programme in History at the University of Warwick in May 2011. My undergraduate degree was in English and History at the University of Leeds, where I also completed an MA in Communications.

About My Research 

Research Topic

The Indian Workers' Association Coventry 1938-1990: Political and Social action and its Impact on the Politics, Culture, Community and Identity Formation of Indian Migrants.

My research focused on the Indian Workers’ Association (IWA) as a political, cultural and social organisation and the local context in which it operated. I also assessed its impact in shaping the working life and political focus of migrants in the post-war period. There is significant scope to further expand a study of the IWA into the areas of community and culture and their effects on identity formation. A close scrutiny of their social and political action contributes to a greater understanding of contemporary race relations. The thesis also engaged with a number of current lively debates surrounding the impact and long term repercussions of ‘multiculturalism’. Lastly, the experiences of the IWAs raise interesting questions about the importance of class in modern society and historical research. I want to further examine whether class was important to both the IWAs and the Sikh community in the post-war era and if class still matters to British-Indian/Sikh relations.

Supervisor – Carolyn Steedman

Funding- Self Funded

Conference Papers

'The Indian Workers' Association Coventry' presented at the Warwick History Postgraduate Conference at the University of Warwick, May 2009.

'The Indian Workers' Association Coventry 1938-1990: Political and Social action', presented at the Punjab Research Group meeting at Coventry University, June 2010 and at the European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies at the University of Bonn, Germany, July 2010.

If you have a particular interest in my work, you are welcome to contact me for more information at


Talvinder Gill