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Teaching Material

Week 3

Professor T. Harford: More or Less

Professor R. N. Stavins: An Economic View of the Environment
S. J. Dubner and S. D. Levitt: Freakonomics
Professor D. Giles: Econometrics Beat
Various contibutions
The Conversation
Sloman Economic News
Yorham Bauman, PhD: The Standup Economist
"I keep saying the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians. People think I'm joking, but who would've guessed that computer engineers would've been the sexy job of the 1990s?" Hal Varian (2009)

Week 4

Men earn more than women in bonuses
reports the BBC (25th October 2015)

"Latest figures show that, overall, women in the UK earn 19% less than men."

"Up to the age of 40, there is very little difference between the earnings of men and women. But beyond that age, when more women are likely to have taken time out to raise families and work part-time, there is a significant gap."

Week 5

Office hours: Department of Economics Meeting Room 0.97 Wednesdays at 2pm for Term 1 and Term 2
EC226 Seminar 1 Week 3: Student Expectiations

EC226 Expectations

Do we observe a gender pay gap in this week's seminar?

sem 2