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Avri Bilovich

I am an ESRC funded PhD student in the Behavioural Science group of Warwick Business School, with a background in both Computer Science and Cognitive and Decision Sciences.

My main research interests are preference elicitation, decision-making and the introspective access that people have to their cognitive processes.
In association with research consultancy Decision Technology, I am currently focusing on the differences between revealed and stated preference elicitation methods, and how predictive they are of subsequent behaviour.

I was also part of the Behaviour Design Lab and have worked and advised on several projects with clients such as consumer group Which?, and Phillips Healthcare.

Supervisors: Prof. Nick Chater and Prof. Daniel Read



MSc Big Data Analytics

MSc Judgement and Decision Making


MSc Randomised Control Trial Workshop

Conferences and Summer Schools:

June 4-11 2015: Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality at the Max Plank Institute for Human Development in Berlin. Featuring lectures by Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, Prof. Robin Hogarth, Prof. Peter Todd and Prof. Kathleen M. Eisenhardt amongst others.

May 6-12 2010: Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS 2010) an academic summer school exploring the intersection between cognitive science and machine learning. Featuring lectures by Prof. Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Prof. Nick Chater and Prof. Tom Griffiths amongst others.

November 2008: Fall AAAI Symposium on Naturally-Inspired Artificial Intelligence.
Bilovich A. & Bryson J. J., (2008) Detecting the Evolution of Semantics and Individual Beliefs Through Statistical Analysis of Language Use, Proceedings of the Fall AAAI Symposium on Naturally-Inspired Artificial Intelligence, Washington DC, November 2008.


Avri Bilovich

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