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Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe

I am passionate about digital media having lived and studied digital media in the surroundings of the Silicon Valley during the commercial birth and boom of the World Wide Web. After over eight years of running a digital design consultancy in London, I decided to return to university to pursue a PhD.

My research entails using big online datasets from such sources as Flickr and Google Street View to understand how the aesthetics of the environment impacts human wellbeing.

I am also researching from the Alan Turing Institute where my research involves the application of deep learning techniques to images of urban locations in order to explore which visual features of the environment might impact the wellbeing of city residents.

Supervisors: Dr. Suzy Moat and Dr. Tobias Preis

Recent media coverage of my research includes:

The Economist: Computer analysis of what is scenic may help town planners
BBC Click: Algorithm learns to understand natural beauty
Wired: An AI has been trained to understand beauty
The Times: City vistas prove easier on eye than green belt
Scientific American: 60-Second Science Teaching Computers to Enjoy the View
Guardian: Beauty spot or landscape blot? Computer trained to judge scenery
Scientific American: 60-Second Science: Photos Tagged as Art Linked to Rising Property Prices
Guardian: Does a pretty office make a productive workforce?
Telegraph: Beautiful urban architecture boosts health as much as green spaces
Popular Science: Can Street Art Help Increase a Neighborhood’s Property Values?


Using Deep Learning to Quantify the Beauty of Outdoor Places
Quantifying the Impact of Scenic Environments on Health
Quantifying the Link Between Art and Property Prices in Urban Neighbourhoods
Quantifying Scenic Areas Using Crowdsourced Data

Teaching activities:

Mentor on FutureLearn MOOC Big Data: Measuring and Predicting Human Behaviour
Big Data Analytics, MSc in Finance, Warwick Business School
Big Data Analytics, MSc in Business, Warwick Business School

Review Activities:

International Conference on Computational Social Science
The 9th International Conference in Web and Social Media

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Chanuki Seresinhe

C dot Seresinhe at warwick dot ac dot uk