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Kyoungmi Kim

I am a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics, the University of Warwick.

I am also working for Migration, Identity and Translation Network (MITN) as a sustainability officer, and ERC DISCONEX (The Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence) as an editor. I am a research group member of Professional and Academic Discourse (PAD) and Working and Communicating Across Cultures (WACC).


My main research area is workplace/ organisational discourse studies and my research interests include: interactional sociolinguistics, workplace interaction, organisational processes, multilingualism and language ideologies, culture and identity.

My doctoral research project sits at the interface of sociolinguistics and organisational studies, and examines how organisational problems are discursively constructed in and through social interaction in a multinational corporate workplace. The project focuses on the emergence of organisational problems and individuals' discursive positioning situated in the local interaction. Through the lens of Interactional Sociolinguistics, it aims to capture the complexity of the discursive processes, and the intersection of the interactional, institutional- and social orders. The thesis sheds light on the significance of the role of organisational members and their discursive practice in constructing organisational problems, and further organisational knowledge and realities.

This project is supervised by Dr. Jo Angouri and Dr. Stephanie Schnurr.


Debray C, Greenaway T, and Kim K(2016) Exploring the Interconnections between Culture and Behaviour: an Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Warwick, Exchanges: the Warwick Research Journal, 3 (2)

PAD research group (2016) Not so ‘innocent’ after all? Exploring corporate identity construction online, Discourse & Communication, 10(2)

*Professional and Academic Discourse (PAD) Research Group at University of Warwick: Stephanie Schnurr & Sue Wharton (co-ordinators), Suha Alansari, Jo Angouri, Rachel Chimbwete Phiri, Teresa Chiriatti, Carolin Debray, Christina Efthymiadou, Sixian Hah, Tilly Harrison, Ana Kedves, Attapol Khamkien, Kyoung-mi Kim, Nor Azikin Mohd Omar, Thi Hong Nhung Nguyen, and Sophie Reissner-Roubicek

Working Paper

Kim K. & Angouri J (in preparation). 'we don't need to abide by that' . Negotiating professional roles in problem-solving interaction to be submitted to Discourse & Communication.

Kim K. & Angouri J. 'we don't speak proper English ourselves’. Language problems in a multinational company.

Angouri J. & Kim K. ‘All we do is meetings around here’ Reaching agreement in problem-solving talk

Conference Presentation

Kim K & Angouri J. 'we don't speak proper English ourselves’. Language problems in a multinational company., GEM&L conference 2017, Copenhagen Business School, Demark, 4-5th July 2017

Kim K. How (socio-)linguistics works in workplace research: Working towards ‘transdisciplinarity’. DICOEN 9, Aston University, Birmingham, 28-30 June, 2017

Angouri J & Kim K. ‘All we do is meetings around here’ reaching agreement in problem solving meeting talk. The Gothenburg meeting science symposium, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 23-24 May, 2017

Kim K. & Angouri J. Role enactment in problem-solving interaction. iMean 5, UWE, Bristol, 6 - 8 th April, 2017

Kim K. When sociolinguistics is drawn upon in workplace research: Working towards ‘multidisciplinarity’. iMean 5, UWE, Bristol, 6 - 8 th April, 2017

Kim K. & Angouri J. 'it's our decision'. Problem solving as a co-orientation activity: a sociolinguistic view. 8th International Process Symposium: Dualities, dialectics and paradoxes in organizational life, 16-18th June 2016

Kim K. Power and Power Relations in a Multinational Company: An ethnographic case study of a British subsidiary of a Korean MNC. International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business, 1st - 3rd October 2015. (funded by IACCM)

Kim K. Power Relations in a Cross Cultural workplace: A Cast Study of a UK-based Korean Company, Global Governance GRP PhD Conference, 13th July, 2015.

Kim K. Unravelling Cultures and Situational Contexts in Interactions. Warwick Post Graduate Conference 2015, University of Warwick, 23rd – 25th June 2015.


Best PhD paper award, 11th GEM&L International Workshop on Management & Language, Copenhagen Business School, 4-5 July 2017 (a grant funded by the Carlsberg Foundation)

Postgraduate Scholarship, British Association for Korean Studies, 2016-2017

Conference Co-organisation

Interconnections between Culture and Behaviour:Interdisciplinary Perspectives (funded by ESRC DTC), University of Warwick,19th February 2016.

DiscourseNet Congress #2, University of Warwick, 13-15th September 2017


Kyoungmi Kim

Centre for Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick, CV4 7AL