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Ping-Jen Kao

Ping-Jen Kao is a Ph.D. candidate in the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He received his master degree in Advanced Marketing Management from Lancaster University. His research interests include marketing strategy, service innovation, services marketing, customer relationship management, and online consumer behavior. Ping-Jen has a strong desire to challenge accepted wisdom by using counter-intuitive thinking to investigate modern business practices. His current research projects can be classified into two main themes. The first theme is service innovation in high-tech industries. Within this context, Ping-Jen focuses on how to integrate marketing strategies with appropriate innovation practices to maximize high-tech firms’ service innovation performance. The second theme is online dynamic relationship management. Within this area, he investigates the development and management of firm—customer dynamic relationships in virtual communities. Ping-Jen’s research has been published in The Service Industries Journal and presented at several international conferences, including American Marketing Association Conference, ISMS Marketing Science Conference, European Marketing Academy Conference, Frontiers in Service Conference, and Academy of Marketing Conference.



University of Warwick – United Kingdom (October 2015-present )

Ph.D. in Business and Management (Field: Marketing)

Advisors: Dr. Scott Dacko and Dr. Yansong Hu

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Lancaster University - United Kingdom (September 2015)

Master of Research in Advanced Marketing Management

Advisor: Professor Katy Mason


National Taipei University – Taiwan (June 2012)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Advisor: Professor Hsien-Tung Tsai

Refereed Articles in Journals

Kao, P.-J., Pai, P., Lin, T., & Zhong, J.-Y. 2015. How transformational leadership fuels employees’ service innovation behavior. Service Industries Journal, 35(7-8), 448-466. (SSCI; 2016 Impact Factor=1.172; 5-Year Impact Factor=1.461; ABS=2)

Research under Review/Revision

Tsai, H.-T., Pai, P., & Kao, P.-J. Service innovation behavior: An investigation of its antecedents and moderators. Under revision for 2nd round review at Journal of Retailing. (SSCI; 2016 Impact Factor=3.772; 5-Year Impact Factor=4.613; ABS=4)

Kao, P.-J. & Dacko, S. Service sweethearting value construction and destruction processes. Under 1st round review at Journal of Management and Business Research. (TSSCI; A-level academic journal recommended by National Science Council)

Refereed Articles in Conference Proceedings

Kao, P.-J., Dacko, S., & Tsai, H.-T. 2018. The nonlinear effect of customer participation on frontline employees’ service innovation performance. 47th European Marketing Academy Conference, Glasgow, UK, 29 May-1 June.

Kao, P.-J., Dacko, S., & Hu, Y. 2017. Does CMO general human capital matter in radical service innovation? An empirical investigation of internal and external moderating factors. 26th Frontiers in Service Conference, New York, USA, 22-25 June.

Kao, P.-J., Dacko, S., & Hu, Y. 2017. How, why and to what extent do CMOs matter in firms’ radical service innovations? An empirical investigation of contingent effects. 39th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Los Angeles, USA, 7-10 June.

Kao, P.-J. & Dacko, S. 2017. Service sweethearting and value co-creation: A service-dominant logic. 5th Naples Forum on Service, Naples, Italy, 6-9 June.

Kao, P.-J. & Dacko, S. 2017. Service sweethearting: A value co-creation perspective. 46th European Marketing Academy Conference, Groningen, Netherlands, 21-23 May.

Kao, P.-J. & Dacko, S. 2016. Senior leadership behaviors and their influences on service innovation: Toward a research agenda. 2016 AMA Summer Academic Conference, Atlanta, USA, 5-7 August.

Kao, P.-J. & Dacko, S. 2015. Service innovation behaviours among newly hired employees: A conceptual framework. 48th Academy of Marketing Conference, Limerick, Republic of Ireland, 7-9 July.

Kao, P.-J., Zhong, J.-Y., Chen, J.-Y., & Tsai, H.-T. 2013. Linking transformational leadership and employees’ service innovation behavior: The mediating roles of creative self-efficacy and expected image outcomes. 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management, Sapporo, Japan, 28-31 Jan.

Pai, P., Kao, P.-J., & Tsai, H.-T. 2013. Socialization process in virtual product development. 5th Annual International Conference on Global Business, Dearborn, USA, 5-6 July.

Research Presentations

“Does CMO general human capital matter in radical service innovation,” presented at the AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium 2017, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University, New York, USA, June 2017.

“Managing service innovations for incumbent firms,” presented at the Marketing Group Seminar, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK, March 2017.

“The role of senior leadership in enhancing service innovation: A conceptualization and research agenda,” presented at the Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium 2016, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK, July 2016.

“Senior leadership and service innovation,” presented at the 2016 Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium, Aston Business School, Aston University, UK, June 2016.

Honors and Awards

Invited Fellow, 53rd American Marketing Association-Sheth Doctoral Consortium, University of Leeds, 2018.

Government Scholarship to Study Abroad (US$32,000), Taiwan Ministry of Education, 2017-2018.

Invited Fellow, 24th AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium, Fordham University, 2017.

Fellow, 23rd Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium, Academy of Marketing, 2016.

WBS Conference Funding Award (£2250), University of Warwick, 2016-2018.

WBS Bursary Award (£7,000), University of Warwick, 2016-2018.

Alumni Adviser, Lancaster University, 2015.

Lancaster University Management School Scholarship (£4,000), Lancaster University, 2014.

Presidential Award, National Taipei University, 2011.

Outstanding Student Award, National Taipei University, 2010-2012.

Conference Activities

Session chair at 26th Frontiers in Service Conference, New York, USA, 22-25 June.

Reviewer Activities

Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Summer Marketing Academic Conference

Teaching Activities

Teaching Assistant, Service Marketing, Spring 2018.

Teaching Assistant, Marketing, Spring 2017.

Teaching Assistant, Markets, Marketing and Strategy, Fall 2016.

Teaching Assistant, Marketing Communications, Spring 2016.

Teaching Assistant, Business Studies, Spring 2016.

Teaching Assistant, Marketing Strategy, Winter 2015.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

AMA American Marketing Association
MSI Marketing Science Institute
emac.jpg European Marketing Academy
AM2 Academy of Marketing
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Ping-Jen Kao

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing

Email: Ping-Jen dot Kao dot 15 at mail dot wbs dot ac dot uk

Research Interests

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Service Innovation
  • Services Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Consumer Behavior