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ePortfolio of Simone Traini

Research Interest

Market-based research in Accounting. Areas of expertise:

  • Corporate taxation;
  • Foreign earnings disclosure;
  • Ownership structures;
  • Corporate governance.

Research methods:

  • Quantitative analysis.


"I examine the effect of institutional ownership on corporate taxation and foreign earnings disclosure exploiting the exogenous variation of instrumental variables in a quasi-experimental setting; such as changes in financial regulation and inclusion in stock market indexes. I lead my analyses at both micro (firm) and aggregate (country) level to increase understanding of the role played by institutional investors around the world."

  • Ph. D. (full-time current-2019): Accounting

University of Warwick, Warwick Business School (UK)

  • MSc (full-time 2014-2015): Economics

University of Bath, Department of Economics (UK)

  • MSc (full-time 2011-2013): Economics and Business Management – Accounting major

LUISS Guido Carli University, Faculty of Business and Management (Italy)

  • BSc (full-time 2008-2011): Economics and Business Administration – Accounting major

Università Politecnica delle Marche, Faculty of Economics G. Fuà (Italy).

  • ESRC full-time studentship:
“27 postgraduate studentships are awarded annually from a large number of outstanding applicants”.
(Warwick ESRC Doctoral Training Centre – University of Warwick, 2016)

  • Studentship enhancement for research in Economics and Advanced Quantitative Analysis:

“The ESRC has identified two disciplines/fields that experience specific challenges in attracting and retaining high-quality students. These are Economics and Advanced Quantitative Methods. (…) The Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) enhanced stipend is intended to encourage students to undertake training in advanced quantitative methods and to apply this in their PhD research and beyond”.

(ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide, 2015, p.19)

  • Chancellor’s awards:

“Each year Warwick awards around 25 Chancellor's Scholarships to the best international applicants from amongst those who have been accepted for doctoral study at the University of Warwick. (…) The awards are made strictly on the basis of academic merit, taking account of the previous academic record, and relevant extracurricular achievements but without regard to financial means”.

(University of Warwick – Chancellor’s Scholarship, 2015)



Simone Traini

Accounting Group

Warwick Business School

Scarman Road