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Journal articles

Tassinari, A.and Maccarrone, V. (2019) "Riders on the storm. Workplace solidarity among gig economy couriers in Italy and the UK." Work, Employment and Society. OnlineFirst: 

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Book chapters

Hadjivassiliou, K., Tassinari, A., Eichhorst, W. and Wozny, F. (2018), “How does the performance of school-to-work transition regimes vary in the European Union?”, in O’Reilly, J., Leschke, J., Ortlieb, R., Seeleib-Kaiser, M., Villa, P. (eds) Youth Labour in Transition. Inequalities, Mobility and Policies in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Working Papers

Gasparri, S. and Tassinari, A. (2017), Shaping industrial relations in a digitalising services industry: regional report for Southern Europe. ZSI Working Paper.

Hadjivassiliou, K.P., Tassinari, A., Eichhorst, W. and Wozny, F. (2016). Assessing the Performance of School-to-Work Transition Regimes in the EU. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10301, October 2016. Available at:

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