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Ph.D. Student in Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology

Microbiologist with experience in synthetic biology, molecular biology and strain engineering.

I want to build a research career to improve humans’ conditions by exploring the great possibilities offered by the emergent field of Synthetic Biology. I am particularly passionate by using microbial engineering to provide solutions to health and environmental issues.

I firmly believe using an engineering approach in the study of biological systems could lead to boundless improvements in the biomedical and bioenergy areas. My fondest hope is to actively take part in the development of such innovative technologies by putting my resilience and all my skills at the service of research.

I have completed a Master's degree in Synthetic Biology at the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (iSSB), France. I had the chance to receive a very solid practical training by joining several remarkable labs:

- Synlogic Therapeutics, Cambridge (MA), USA
- The Silver Lab, Harvard Medical School, Boston (MA), USA
- The Tolonen Lab, CEA-Genoscope, France
- iGEM Evry-Genopole, Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology, France
I gained experience in both academic and industrial research, with an emphasis on microbe genetic engineering in the framework of biomedical projects related to the human gut microbiota.

Audam Chhun

a dot chhun at warwick dot ac dot uk