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Voluntary Courses and Seminars in Education

I have always been aware of the importance of Continous Professional Develpment and I seek to attend voluntary courses and seminars offered by the Maltese Education Department on a frequent basis. Below is the list of the courses that I attended recently:

2016: Voluntary In-Service Course about School Development Planning entitled ‘Planning Matters! The Impact of School Development Planning on School Improvement in Secondary Schools’ held between 7th and 11th July.

2015: Voluntary In-Service Training Course in Managing Challenging Behaviour held from 18 to 23 September.

2012: Voluntary In-Service Course in Using StarBoard in the Secondary Classrooms, held between 01 August and 05 September.

2012: Voluntary In-Service Course in Educational Multimedia Resource Pack using Illuminatus held between 31 July and 14 August.

2011: Half-Day seminar on Building Resilience in School Children held on 7th December.

2010: Voluntary Course on the European Union held between January and March.