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ePortfolio of Shiyuan Liu


Welcome! I am currently first year PHD student at WBS and research in Information System and Management (ISM) group. I am supervised by Ola Henfridsson and Joe Nandhakumar. My current interest focuses on user recombination as a type of digital innovation on digital platform, especially how platform end-users recombine the digital resources provided by platform (e.g. plugin and API) and how such activities infuence platform establish, development and competition. Different from existing studies mainly focusing on the recombination activity of platform owner and professional users (e.g. third-party developer), the lens from ameteur end-users will provide more insight on the power of digital technology and innovation. My PHD research is funded by China Scholarship Council and Warwick Business School.

Education Background

2017-2021 The University of Warwick, Warwick Business School (PHD) Information System and Innovation

2016-2017 The University of Warwick (MSc) Big Data and Digital Futures

2012-2016 The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (BSc) Finance, Accounting and Management

Research Experience

2016 Research Assistant at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)

1. Research topic: The innovation capability research of Chinese firms---field study of Ningbo Solar Energy industry

  • Compiling China Patent data from 2005-2015 in China Intellectual Property Right Database (CNIPR) including Invention patent, Utility model and Design patent.
  • Assessing innovation status of solar energy industry in Ningbo, Zhejiang and China by modelling the statistics data
  • Making Chinese literature review related to patent and innovation research for Chinese firms
  • Searching potential research opportunity for Chinese patent application process

2. Research Topic: The relationship between Corporate Social responsibility and Corporate governance

  • Making literature review in this field, especially focusing on potential research opportunity and method
  • Making questionnairs for CEO and managers by using Qualtrics

3. Research Topic: The work stress research of American doctors

  • Making literature review to research the feasibility of using instrumental variables and two-stage regression model in this field where no one used before

2015 Assistant Analyst at China Index Academy

  • Processed data of new residential and commercial real estate development for 25 cities in China on a monthly basis regarding decoration condition, property investor and average price per square meter, etc.; organized the information into a 1000-item table for further analysis by data analysis team.
  • Drafted the Monthly Report of Real Estate Market in China in terms of supply-demand relationship, the source of development capital etc. using the database of the Academy; 80% of 200 real estate clients thought my report had reference value to adjust marketing strategy.
  • Assessed the investment attraction of real estate development in 40 cities of China according to economy development, population, consumption and purchasing power and government policy, etc.; provided reference for future real estate investment in China for 500 real estate companies.
Activity and Society
  • Student Member on the review panel of Warwick Institutional Teaching and Learning 2017 (host every 6 years) Review panel --- Warwick institute for Employment Research
  • Representer at CIM PG conference --- topic: From non-digital to smart: the evolution of television ventures in China through digital innovation
  • Vice President of Comic Society during UNNC
Volunteer Experience

2014 AIESEC Summer voluntary teaching program in Russia hosted by AIESEC

Honor and Award

2017-2021 China Government Scholarship; Warwick Business School Scholarship

2014-2015 Dean Scholarship in UNNC


Shiyuan (Eric) Liu

ISM Group

Warwick Business School

The University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL, UK